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Project Description

Use the Kinect sensor to drive your powerpoint presentation. Higher accuracy than other similar Kinect tools through grip gesture detection as well as swipe.

This is, at heart, a keysend app that translates gestures into keystrokes.

The advantage of this particular Kinect-enabled powerpoint tool is that it takes advantage of the machine learning based grip gesture introduced in Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7. Previous Kinect-enabled powerpoint navigation tools were prone to sending false positives when a speaker was simply gesticulating. This tool solves this by requiring what is often referred to as a "grab-and-throw" metaphor in order to move to the next slide or go back to a previous slide.

The mapping of gestures to keystrokes is, moreover, done in a config file. While the default config file is tuned to using Microsoft Powerpoint, gestures such as grab-and-throw, double grip, double push, swipe, can be mapped to other keystrokes that are meaningful in other applications.

Ideally, this project will grow to support more gestures in the future so there are more unique movements that can be mapped to keys for applications and PC games.

Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7, 1.8 or above
Microsoft Powerpoint

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